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Fawkes the Phoenix

This little scene is something for LEGO and Harry Potter fans alike. Obviously, Markus Rollb├╝hler showed his incredible skills putting parts together. Although there’s many details to like, such as the stairs railing, large book cabinet, and the table lamp, my favourite is the tiled floor. It creates a great pattern effect, and it really makes you take the second look to take it all in.

The never-ending story

For sure, my LEGO collection keeps growing, and to make the building faster, an efficient storing system is needed. The same way as I struggle with the endless sorting, so does my Eurobricks avatar. Here she’s sorting the bricks from her last PaB visit.

A monster in the toilet

To be exact, it’s not a monster, but a troll. And it’s actually hidden behind the toilet. Marcel V. did a great job building a magic being. Landing on your bottom after a troll-surprise is the least of the troubles. I’m sure I’d have a toilet-troll phobia if it happened to me.

Disney Christmas tree decorations

It’s time to decorate your Christmas tree, if you haven’t done that already. Markus has a tradition to decorate their family Christmas tree with LEGO baubles, and this year he came up with a new design. Instead of using standard Christmas associated themes, such as snow, Santa, mini Christmas trees, etc., he made a set of five vignettes of Disney characters to fit inside the baubles. Do you recognize them? I’m sure you do, and if not, here’s a hint: Leia and R2-D2, Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian, Snow White and a deer, Tiana and Naveen from The Princess and the Frog, and Frozen’s Elsa and Anna. Appart from being Disney characters, what they have in common is also the design of their bodies. They look fragile, but the unusual building tecnique gives them extra character. Considering the size, and the number of parts used, Markus did a great job creating their characteristic dresses and landscape to make them instantly recognizable. Snow White is my favourite, which one is yours?

Somewhere in Africa

It’s only 14×16 stud footprint, and a microscale vignette, but the details are amazing. Grantmaster‘s At the waterhole vignette is an amazing example of creativity at a very small scale and out of the box part usage. The landscape is a typical African savannah with trees and sunburnt grass. However, the highlights of this vignette are the animals, namely a lion, an elephant and a rhinoceros. My favourite is the elephant, as it looks very cute, but the lion and the rhinoceros are fine examples of SNOT building, too.

Tribute to Hundertwasser

Shannon Sproule made this cute tribute to Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian architect famous mostly for his unusual buildings combining lots of colors and plants, and most of all, unusual shapes. I’m familiar with a few of his houses, and this vignetter reminded me of Hundertwasser even before I read the text. The facade is so clearly out of the ordinary, and more colorful than common for the ordinary buildings.

Feeling nostalgia

Can’t say I lived in the 60’s, but I can feel the 60’s vibe of this scene. Or as birgburg wrote ”the era of high hair and short skirts” is really evident. Moreover, I was initially drawn to this vignette by the little blue car. While I’m not an expert on cars, this one seems easy enough to be used as basic design for reverse engineering.

Bad hair day

I’m going back to work after 10 months, and I’m really hoping tomorrow won’t be a bad hair day. Brother Steven’s vignette is a nice example of what’s not the best way to start a day. In addition, there are some lovely details to be found in the bathroom, such as the golden fixtures, framed mirror, and a soft blue floor mat.