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Robot’s bicycle uses nice techniques

Now, I like to be “the first one” to use an interesting progressive new technique, but it makes me even happier to see someone use that technique independently before I even get the chance to build it or manage to incorporate it into a MOC. Such is the case with Gamabomb, who has used the thin technic tyres as bicycle wheels on a larger scale figure (I realize this is actually a very light motorcycle, but honestly the style is nearly the same) in his Robokalypse MOC. Speaking of figure, there are some fun techniques and ideas in it too.


Three speeders

With the LEGO speeder bike contest underway, I have decided to enter, and in all categories too. I have started with some basic desings which I have also uploaded to Flickr a while earlier, but improved on all of them immediately after that. None of these creations really have all that much effort put into them and if I did not have more projects to do in February, there would be a third version of each of these.

First off is the Hypercompetitor, a very aggressive racing speeder with a canon piece as the focal point. Eliminating competiton at any price and winning is its main goal.

Motorcycles and nostalgia

From the title, it would be understandable to assume I am nostalgic for motorcycles, which is only half true. I am not a mechanic and am generally not attracted to modern technology at all (at least not in working condition), but for some reason I made a motorcycle MOC six years ago, spiraling out of control and resulted in me building almost exclusively minifig motorbikes for a month or two. Now, those motorcycles were not very good, but they sure were fun to make. I was inspired by Leon Schiffer, who has made two very impressive motorcycles himself a while ago. The building process of these bikes was more frustrating than I would have expected, probably because of my higher standards, meaning I was not satisfied with results of which I would be extremely proud of as an early TFOL.

Both the designs are based on the pieces used as the fuel tanks, but the main focal point were the wheell attachments. They are not ideal even as they are, but I was trying to get them to be as narrow as possible. After I had made the first motorcycle, I was not very happy about the lack of colour, so I immediately wanted to make a new one, even though I had not known what colour it would use or what exotic pieces to use. As soon as I saw the Martian head from Life on Mars, I knew I would use it, and the dark turquoise is a very impressive and exotic colour in my opinion. The last problem I faced was my own decision not to take apart the first bike for the second, so I had to find new solutions for all the parts. Topped it all off with an experimental “new” presentation technique of using a glass pane underneath (I like this a lot!) and sme editing magic and here it is!

Almost Christmas Time…

VW vans were always a great source to try and show your artistic skillls. This one, built by Norton74, is no exception. Iconic vehicle, filled with gifts is a perfect way to announce that the holidays are coming! Have a great time!

A ride in summer style

In time for summer, Friends get their own summer style ride. It’s no other than the iconic VW Beetle, coinciding with the release of Creator’s 10252 Volkswagen Beetle. Unfortunately, it’s not an OOB, but a MOC made by Tyler Sky. The size of Tyler’s model is spot on for minidolls, the shape is recognizable (it’s not easy to get all those curves right), and the color is perfect for cruising along the beach. And it even has a surf board at hand. Surf on!

WWII M4 Sherman Tank

The M4 Sherman, officially Medium Tank, M4, was the most numerous battle tank used by the United States and some of the other Western Allies in World War II. One of the realistic features is the rotating turret.

Holiday camping van

Begining of June is probably the last time to book a holiday place at the sea side, if you want something with a sea view. If you’re already too late for that, don’t worry. There might be a chance to rent (or borrow) Chapachuk‘s camper. It’s a much larger than minifig scale, and comes with a fantastic assortment of amenities. The only thing missing (in my opinion) is a view of either Northern lights or sunset at Mediterranean.

Once a chocoholic, always a chocoholic

I read the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book by Roald Dahl about 25 years ago. Since then I reread it a couple times, watched the film 10 years ago, and still enjoyed it. It has a special place in my memories, and I wouldn’t mind having a memorabilia of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory made of LEGO. If you want it too, you can support the LEGO Ideas project by Brick-Project. Inspired by the film, he created a project featuring a portal of the factory and a transport car for all those sweet chocolates.

ATR 42 airplane

Being a smartass (I just read it on Wikipedia), ATR 42 is a twin-turboprop, short-haul regional airliner built in France and Italy by ATR. This one, though, was built by Yubnub! of unknown residence. It’s an amazing example of SNOT building to created different curves and angles. I’m no airplane expert, but the shape of the plane is superb. Particularly, the cockpit looks amazing with trans-clear flags (didn’t know the part exists in transclear), and is probably my favourite part of the plane.

Cuteness overload

Penguins are cute, that’s a fact. A speeder, on the other hand, is not cute by default. However, a combination of those two, namely a Penguin speeder, has cuteness written all over. If you don’t believe me, check out this speeder made by Chris Perron. I wonder if those two penguins riding it are Skipper and Kowalski.