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Railway crossing

It’s been a while since I last posted a train-related MOC. This railway crossing, built by FiliusRucilo got my attention for different reasons, one of them being completely not related to trains or railway crossing. The lovely ”blue ombre” wall between the pavement and rails was the one attracting me the most to this scene. After that, many other details stood out, such as a park behing the rails, the advertising column in the back, the wood-covered rails on the crossing and the delivery truck. Railway crossing might be in the centre of the action, but it’s all the little details that make this scene bustling with life.

Choo choo, a Winter train is coming

News (and pictures) of the new Holiday Winter train are finally here. For many, the long expected Holiday train is not a re-release of the Holiday Train from 2006, although it looks similar and has the right colour wibe. My attention was immediately drawn to some of the parts included in the set, the white leaves. Power functions are not included in the set, but the train is ready to run the tracks once they are installed. Other than that, the colour scheme is very holiday-like, there’s lots of green, red and gold details. For sure, this would make a nice addition to your holiday decorations.

Introducing greebles

According to The Brothers Brick glossary, greebles is a pseudo-technical detail added to a LEGO creation to enhance its appearance. I’ve seen it often in many (grayish) space creations, but until know I didn’t pay much attention to this interesting technique. Greebles takes this Union Jack to a whole new dimension. Elspeth de Montes used this technique to create a colorful British flag, but also paid a lot of attention to using specific parts in specific areas of the flag. Just to name a few, there’s an umbrella in the center of the flag representing the typical British weather, Robin Hood quiver full of arrows over Sherwood in the North-East of England, London Red bus and ‘London Eye’ over the capital area over London in the South-East, surfing and beach down in the South-West of the flag in Cornwall and if you find the crossing, that’s where you had to get the Eurostar to France via the Channel Tunnel. So what might look like a random mix of colored parts, is much more than that.

Rural railway station

It took almost exactly two years from the first idea to completion of this diorama of a railway station. There is
less emphasis on the station itself, as my main goal was to present it in the natural environment and have a try
at building a landscape. So read on to see what came out.


Burlington Northern EMD SD40-2

Although I wouldn’t say I’m a train fan as I mostly like passenger trains, and also I own only a few passenger trains, every now and then I find some real beauties. This Burlington Northern EMD SD40-2 locomotive was made by Joshua, and it’s eye catching both for the colours and details on the locomotive, as well as the beautiful landscaping. What makes it even more special is that it’s a replica of a real life model which is still being operated on railways in both Americas.


Microscale Emerald Night Train

Microscale is always very challenging to build regardless if it’s a building, landscape or vehicle. I found these impressive models, and feel they’re worth blogging. Bangoo H made a really cute vignette featuring the Emerald Night train. The landscaping adds a really nice touch, with the Emerald Night train crossing the bridge over the river. Considering the scale, there’s a nice amount of details included. The railing and the street lamps add a bit of charm, and the trees in the other corner add life to the vignette.

Holiday Promo Sets are coming!

We’ll need to buy for $ 99 or over to get free Christmas Train 40138 and/or Gingerbread House 40139 Promo Sets.
You can get the Christmas train from October 13 to November 13, 2015 at LEGO Brand Stores or Shop at Home. The Gingerbread House will be available only a few days in November, according to Toys N Bricks it will be available at 27th.