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Blue appartments

Many complained about the looks of the Detective’s Office Modular Building. Most of the comments coming to mind were about the mix of colours and multiple parts of the buildings making it look like a hodge podge. However, some of us liked the building also for the parts it brought. The bright light blue is one of my favourite colours. I’m not sure if O Wingård used his copy of the modular building or got an extra one for parts, but I am sure he did a great job turning the building into lovely appartments.

Motorcycles and nostalgia

From the title, it would be understandable to assume I am nostalgic for motorcycles, which is only half true. I am not a mechanic and am generally not attracted to modern technology at all (at least not in working condition), but for some reason I made a motorcycle MOC six years ago, spiraling out of control and resulted in me building almost exclusively minifig motorbikes for a month or two. Now, those motorcycles were not very good, but they sure were fun to make. I was inspired by Leon Schiffer, who has made two very impressive motorcycles himself a while ago. The building process of these bikes was more frustrating than I would have expected, probably because of my higher standards, meaning I was not satisfied with results of which I would be extremely proud of as an early TFOL.

Both the designs are based on the pieces used as the fuel tanks, but the main focal point were the wheell attachments. They are not ideal even as they are, but I was trying to get them to be as narrow as possible. After I had made the first motorcycle, I was not very happy about the lack of colour, so I immediately wanted to make a new one, even though I had not known what colour it would use or what exotic pieces to use. As soon as I saw the Martian head from Life on Mars, I knew I would use it, and the dark turquoise is a very impressive and exotic colour in my opinion. The last problem I faced was my own decision not to take apart the first bike for the second, so I had to find new solutions for all the parts. Topped it all off with an experimental “new” presentation technique of using a glass pane underneath (I like this a lot!) and sme editing magic and here it is!

The Tourist

Winter might not be the best time to travel because of the cold weather, but if you choose this time of year, you might avoid crowds around the sights and actually enjoy the beautiful scenery. And if you do so, here’s a suggestion on where to go. Lego Fjotten made this lovely scene from the movie ”The Tourist”, and depicted a typical Venetian architecture of canal houses. Enjoy!

Railway crossing

It’s been a while since I last posted a train-related MOC. This railway crossing, built by FiliusRucilo got my attention for different reasons, one of them being completely not related to trains or railway crossing. The lovely ”blue ombre” wall between the pavement and rails was the one attracting me the most to this scene. After that, many other details stood out, such as a park behing the rails, the advertising column in the back, the wood-covered rails on the crossing and the delivery truck. Railway crossing might be in the centre of the action, but it’s all the little details that make this scene bustling with life.

1930’s Detroit

After struggling with a writer’s block, I finally found a MOC that inspired me to write these extra lines. I cannot vouch for the historical accuracy of the depicted scene, but I can say there is a certain feel to it. The creator Dario Minisini included a vast amount of details to create the right atmosphere. I admit I was drawn to the ‘plain’ looking architecture of the brownstone building, however there’s more. In addition to the plate built facade to mimick real bricks, the realistic sliding windows add another touch of reality – my favourite detail for sure. What’s yours?

Grayscale Modular Building

If you think you don’t have enough colored bricks to make a stunning and bright modular building, think again. Although grey is often considering just as the base colour for many building, different shade of grey can be used to make highlights and interesting details on all-grey facade. Pete Strege for sure has a large selection of grey parts, and his latest building, the Monochrome Motel is a fine example of intricate details all in one color. Definitely a building to inspire!

Open food market

I made this food market for the last town display at Kockefest exhibition. Considering I’m mostly building modulars, this was an interesting deviation from my usual building procedure. What I like the most, was the speed of building. Once I had the basic idea, everything was in place in a very short time. The market is split in two parts by the path in the middle. There are various food stalls offering everything from freshly baked bread, home made jams, lots of fruit and vegetables and flowers. If you’re hungry or in a hurry, you can wash your fruits in the well close to the path.