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Dragon mountain

I presented this MOC at the last KockeFest exhibition in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since I got my hands on the green dragon from the Elvese series, I was really hooked to its cuteness. It was so bad, I had to get another dragon to keep it company. After a while, the dragons got lonely, so I went and build them a playground – a beautiful landscape with lush green forrest and crystal blue water. I enjoyed planting all the greenery to make the land look rich in vegetation. The only thing I don’t like is to take it apart and sort all the thousands of small bricks and pieces.

A splash of modular color

Everyone knows I have a soft spot for modular buildings. Afterall, it’s the modulars that brought me back to LEGO, and they’re still a great source of inspiration. I always enjoy it when I stumble upon new modular buildings or new modular builders. Ɓukasz Libuszewski is one of the new builders (at least from my perspective), but his modulars don’t show it. I found the yellow building first, but this shot of three buildings, each in a different colour pallete and texture is by far my favourite.

A lonely cactus

Very often, it’s the perspective that gets your attention. If you’re a bit romantic, a beautiful sunrise or sunset makes you stop and admire a photo. On the other hand, a bright sky with white fluffy clouds might do the trick. If you’re not sure what’s your favourite, this desert scene might be up your sleeve. Depending on the perspective, you can either admire a lonely cactus at sunset or during a bright day. Albert really knew what he was doing.


Home decor

If you’re looking for some vintage home decor, you’ll find Jared‘s furniture perfect for the job. It’s the whole scene that stands out and it could be easily used as part of a store display window, or to recreate a charming old-school style library or office. Although I prefer more modern lines and shapes, this vintage style is something to inspire. Just looking at the building techniques used to recreate the rounded shapes can give you lots of inspiration.


Hot Air Baloon

After a long time not posting LEGO Ideas project, here’s another interesting one. This hot air baloon was designed by Luca Casciola using LDD. For someone like me, not having enough patience to sit behind the computer and trying to create a stable LDD model, looking at this large model of hot air baloon, it’s even more impressive. One of the eye catching details are the lively and vibrant colours of the baloon.

Winter Village: Tea ‘n Tomes

This entry for the Eurobricks’ Winter Village competion combines three of my favourite things, LEGO bricks, books and tea. Without doubt, the public library cottage built by Palixa and the bricks is very appealing and fits the style of the Winter Village. However, I admit I was drawn to this creation mostly because of the cute teapot outside the building. It’s built spot on in the shape of a traditional round tea pot and the fact that the books on the teapot are free to take makes it even more appealing.

The Marriott Hotel

So if you’re looking for a place to stay and have a great time, this Marriott hotel seems like a great choice. Not only it is lovely to look at and admire the great work of its creator, Jean Macou, it also has a full interior, packed with amazing details. It’s really worth checking more photos of the interiors, to enjoy a lovely restaurant on the ground floor, have an after dinner drink at the bar, enjoy the themed rooms (Marvel, Star Wars, Nightmare or the Pirates of the Caribean). If you want to start your day fresh, there’s always an option to go for a swimm and enjoy the view through a skylight. For me, even without seeing the interiors, it was the size, the detailing and the colors of the facade that did the trick to get my attention. All together, there’s lots of interesting details to spike up your imagination and get you building.

Polar bear

The extremely low outside temperatures all over Europe are not making people happy. I’m guessing one of the few enjoying this cold weather are polar bears, and I’m pretty sure the low temperatures were at least partly used as an inspiration for Jens Ohrendorf‘s polar bear. After a short walk, I certainly wouldn’t mind having a warm white fur like the bear.

Lighthouse island

My latest MOC, but not my first lighthouse built, was this small lighthouse island. Since it’s my third lighthouse MOC, I was a bit challenged not to repeat the previous ones. What makes this one different from the older two models, is its scale. It’s a bit smaller, and the size was limited by the exhibition it was built for. Luckily, this limited worked well for me, as the hardest point was how to start and set the right size.

Whale Island

When thinking of whales and islands in the same sentence, a whale island is definitely not something that comes to mind. However, there are some minds (delayice) capable of processing these two and creating an extraordinary landscape. The landscape looks just as lively, with greenery, rocks, and a stream crossing the green meadows. What makes it so special is the unusual and very accurate shape of a whale.