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Visit to Paris

If you wonder what Paris looked today (given it was sunny with no clouds), here’s your picture. And say thank you to LegoJalex for taking his time to recreate the most iconic Parisian building in microscale.


I think everyone is familiar with the historical and archeological city of Petra. When I saw this beautiful MOC of Petra, I knew immediately that the creator of the LEGO Petra, Letranger Absurde, did a great job. There’s a lot of interesting approaches to building details on the front, I particularly like the use of technic pins, and how the pin slots add yet another level of detail.

Rosenwald Apartments

Lately, I’ve been very impressed by many microscale creations. These Rosenwald Apartments were built by Rocco Buttliere. I was attracted to the scale of the build, being small, yet allowing many details, such as extra small windows on buildings, walkways between the buildings, and lots of greenery around the block. What surprised me is that this microscale MOC is based on a real life public housing complex in Chicago. If you’re considering starting an architectural microscale MOC, this is the photo to inspire.





Brownstone Neighborhood

Barton Thinks created this extra cute and realistic microscale neighborhood of brownstones. A closer look at one of the brownstone units reveals interestingly built and detailed facade reminiscent of the brown building from the Pet Shop set. However, the brownstones were designed modularly, so 4 of them form a modular block that’s easy to expand into a whole neighborhood. Add a bunch of trees, a car or two stoped in front of the traffic lights, and bring the Brownstone Neighborhood to life.

Villa Cavrois

One of my growing interests is LEGO Architecture. In addition to great OOB models, there’s more and more fantastic MOCs made by the fans. The latest that caught my attention is Villa Cavrois made by O0ger. According to him, Villa Cavrois is located in Croix, France, and is a large modernist mansion built in the 1930s. My favourite details are the garden surrounding the property, the interestingly built stairs, at the sides of the garden, and the rounded corner. It’s not easy to create a small scale real life building, but after googling the Villa Cavrois, it’s clear O0ger did a great job.

A very detailed microscale castle

Microscale can be very challenging especially if you want it small and detailed. This microscale castle by Toltomeja is a fine example how a multitude of small parts can be used to create a detailed facade. He combined a bunch of very ordinary parts, such as round 2×2 bricks with and without grille, round 2×2 plates, technic bushes, taps and icecream cones, to get an incredibly detailed castle. Another impressive detail is hidden in the shadows of the castle,a tiny microscale ship.

Mini modulars part 2

Back in 2012, TLG released a set of microscale modular buildings available up til then. Since then, 6 more modular buildings were released that don’t have a microscale version in 10230 Mini Modulars set. If you don’t want to wait for the TLG to released the part 2 of the mini modulars, you could ask O0ger for advice. He made a lineup of the missing 6 modulars, and he made it excellent. While discarding some feature of the buildings, he kept the most prominent ones to make the mini version of Palace Cinema, Pet Shop, Town Hall, Parisian Restaurant, Detective’s Office and the newest Brick Bank instantly recognizable. I, for one thing, would love to have his lineup on display at home. What’s more, you can support this project on LEGO Ideas, like I did, and hopefully this will be waiting for me under the Christmas tree next year.

Microscale Disneyland

If you cannot play in Disneyland, you could play with this microscale Disneyland set. That is if TLG decides it’s a suitable project at the LEGO Ideas platform. Nevertheless, Carlierti did a great job creating this imaginary world of magic. I admit I am not very tempted to visit an actual Disneyland, but I am tempted to play with this microscale park. It has 13 small creations of different Disneyland atrractions, such as Disney Castle, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Hollywood Studios, Rock’n’Roller Caoster and others. If you like it, you can give it your support on LEGO Ideas.

Microscale Cathedral

This microscale cathedral of Legonardo Davidy is a part of Iron Builders, with the seed part being the musketeer sword. Considering the scale of the model, the amount of details is amazing. One of my favourite details is the dark green dome roof, however there’s more interesting details to be found on closer inspection. Mixel joints are an interesting detail as well.  One, that is almost hidden from the eye, is the decorative use of the sword in front of the cathedral’s entrance. My first thought was that it’s a fountain, but it could also be a stone flower bed. All in all, even microscale can be full of details.