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Hot Air Baloon

After a long time not posting LEGO Ideas project, here’s another interesting one. This hot air baloon was designed by Luca Casciola using LDD. For someone like me, not having enough patience to sit behind the computer and trying to create a stable LDD model, looking at this large model of hot air baloon, it’s even more impressive. One of the eye catching details are the lively and vibrant colours of the baloon.

LEGO® Ideas 21306 Yellow Submarine

The latest LEGO Ideas set is something for LEGO and Beatles’ fans alike, a Yellow Submarine with the fab four in minifig form. Since I fit both categories, this is a must buy for me. The set will be available from November 1st for 60 EUR. The submarine is bright and colourful, just the way it should be. I’m really looking forward building it and then enjoying it as a display piece.

Here’s the official press release and more photos:


One of the cutest LEGO Ideas projects is the Pinocchio marionette made by Buggyirk. Even if his project doesn’t make it to the LEGO store shelves, it is worth publishing. What makes it special is the complex building techinque, lots of SNOTing to give an end result – fully articulated marionette. In addition, the details such as control bar, display stand and the detailed face features, really make this 30 cm marionette stand out.

Research Aircraft

This model of NF-15B Research Aircraft got my attention because of the nicely coloured body and wings. The bright colours make the plane very festive, and I can easily imagine it flying above a huge crowd on air shows. Mammalucco posted this model on LEGO Ideas platform and is hoping for support. The stand-out details of this model are the coloured details on the wings, retractable landing gears, flaps on the wings, and very detailed cockpit. In addition, there’s SNOT work everywhere. In my opinion, the biggest weakness of this model is its size. Although the size is generous on the details, the plane is not easy to swoosh around – it weights 4 kg!

LEGO IDEAS 2nd 2015 review results

The newest LEGO Ideas review results are finally here. I have to admit that my favourites from this round were not selected for production, so I am a bit dissapointing. I’m not telling you the results, so you should check out this video. I’m only giving you a hint: At the end of the video, you get to see which sets are considered for production at the moment, and again there are some fine creations.

Ride the Space Octopus

I admit I’m not a fan of various adventorous and adrenaline rides, such as the rollercoasters or high speed spinners. However, there’s something about the Space Octopus that makes it more interesting. First, it’s a LEGO made model, and second, there’s no way I could ride it, so that’s a good start. :-) Kenneth Ma got the idea when he built the Ferris Wheel set, and started to build his own amusement park. He took his time to create not just a functional up-and-down spinner, but also an appealing design. My favourite feature of the MOC is exactly my least favourite feature of the real thing – the spinning mechanism. The movement of the space vehicles is superb, and as a non-Technic expert, I find the working mechanism very impressive. What’s more, you can support the project on LEGO Ideas, if you like it. And don’t forget to check the video presentation of the Space Octopus!

Brick’s New House

Every now and then the BrickHamster stumbles upon interesting and unique creations on LEGO Ideas. There’s too many of them to promote all, however some of them are featured here as well because they have that something special. This one, named The Brick’s New House by enowicki_AFOL, might seem as a pretty easy and simple project. It is a simple project, but it has that special vibe, you know the ”old-school” vibe. As such it is appealing to the slightly older AFOL population as it brings back the memories. On the other hand, it’s simple enough to be built by the youngsters on the way to be AFOLs in many years on. What makes it special as well is its design. It has a modular concept of building individual sections first, and then assembling them all together into a building.

A LEGO Land Rover

This Land Rover model could sit on your display shelf next to the Mini or VW van, and rock it just as hard. Only, the Land Rover was built by a dad and his son, a team known as Dadandlad on LEGO Ideas. However, their model is not short of amazing details, even though Dadandlad aren’t professional designers. The impressive features are opening doors, bonnet, removable hard top, petrol filler cap, mud flaps, exhaust system, adjustable front seats, moving gearstick, lifelike gauges and highly detailed engine bay with removable grill, so you can have a look inside. What’s more, a father-and-son team had fun creating this impressive model of Land Rover, and you could, too, if their projects gets 10.000 votes and passes the review. So far, they’re almost half way there based on the support, and if you like it, make sure to give them a vote!

LEGO Factory Playset

When I saw the LEGO Factory Playset pictures, I felt some envy towards the LEGO employees getting the set. For some reason, this looked like a really special set intended just for the selected few. However, after 15 minutes or so I realized that is not the case, and that this set might be available to a broader population. BrickJonas created this modular set of the LEGO Factory, depicting three distinct areas, namely the Entrance, the Factory and the Design Office. Considering the size of the proposed project, it is well built, with simple techniques, and interesting parts. On top of it, there’s lots of cute details, like the stacked drawers. If you like it as much as I do (or more), you can give it your support.