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Home decor

If you’re looking for some vintage home decor, you’ll find Jared‘s furniture perfect for the job. It’s the whole scene that stands out and it could be easily used as part of a store display window, or to recreate a charming old-school style library or office. Although I prefer more modern lines and shapes, this vintage style is something to inspire. Just looking at the building techniques used to recreate the rounded shapes can give you lots of inspiration.


The Marriott Hotel

So if you’re looking for a place to stay and have a great time, this Marriott hotel seems like a great choice. Not only it is lovely to look at and admire the great work of its creator, Jean Macou, it also has a full interior, packed with amazing details. It’s really worth checking more photos of the interiors, to enjoy a lovely restaurant on the ground floor, have an after dinner drink at the bar, enjoy the themed rooms (Marvel, Star Wars, Nightmare or the Pirates of the Caribean). If you want to start your day fresh, there’s always an option to go for a swimm and enjoy the view through a skylight. For me, even without seeing the interiors, it was the size, the detailing and the colors of the facade that did the trick to get my attention. All together, there’s lots of interesting details to spike up your imagination and get you building.

New Friends sets in 2017

This came as a morning’s surprise as I wasn’t expecting to see any pictures yet. Since I’m liking lots of details, here’s some of the pictures of the upcoming Friends sets to help your curiosity (thanks to FriendsBricks).

Stephanie’s House (set 41314) has lovely, but stickered, windows and they would look great on many residential buildings. Not to mention all the interior details.

Private chambers

Here’s a fabulous example of what money can buy. Bank’s owner (or legostrator) did a great job. It’s hard to look at this room tightly packed with amazing details and not miss a single detail. What specifically stands out to me is the unusual floor pattern, brick-built chimney wall, wooden cabinet, and lots of little, but hidden details. To name a few, it took me quite some moments to figure out how the chair was built, the radiator below the beautiful brick-built window and the lively details of logs packed away on the side of the fireplace, a blooming flower on the window sill and the glowing fire. If you’re looking for interior inspiration, this is surely it!

Dinner in the Dining hall

If you’re looking for last minute dinner plans, Cimddwc might just know the right place. What makes his Dining Hall special in my eyes is the lovely exterior with black railings around large windows, and interesting details on the facade. What’s more, a peek inside the Dining hall reveals even more amazing details. So if you’re looking for some inspiration to finish your entry for the BrickHamster’s Interior Design Competition, here’s your chance!


Royal Library

Here’s something for LEGO and book lovers alike. This Princess Lexi’s Library was built by thropots (Patty Rau), and she obviously had a clear vision of architecture and design to fit all the books. It might look too pink for some, but there’s not just ”chick flick” novels. Judging by the colourful book spine’s this marvelous collection feature all sort of interesting books. In addition the the vast book collection, the architecture is beautiful, and the colour scheme creates a perfect reading corner feel. The only thing left is to choose the right book and start turning those pages.

Fawkes the Phoenix

This little scene is something for LEGO and Harry Potter fans alike. Obviously, Markus Rollb├╝hler showed his incredible skills putting parts together. Although there’s many details to like, such as the stairs railing, large book cabinet, and the table lamp, my favourite is the tiled floor. It creates a great pattern effect, and it really makes you take the second look to take it all in.

First Class Lounge

When flying to your favourite destination around the world, make sure to stop in the First Class Lounge at the Terminal 1 of the Idlebrick Airport. It might take you back half a century to an era when smart phones and other electronic gadgets were non-existant, and the waiting time was spent with other passengers enjoying drinks, talks and view from the large windows. Beware, you might even meet Mr. Andrew Tate, the man responsible for this interior.

A different Cafe Corner

Many AFOLs, specifically fans of the Modular Buildings theme, wish they’d had an earlier end of the dark age to be able to buy the ultimate 10182 Cafe Corner. Many, myself included, were drawn back to LEGO because of this new buildings series, aimed at adult builders. Nine years after the release of the iconic Cafe Corner, its MISB price has reached a 4-digit number, making the set very pricey to get. If Cafe Corner is still on your wish list, but you can’t really afford it, you should follow Palixa and the Bricks, and make your own version. What’s more, you can personalize it by using the same desing, but in your favourite colours. What I like in Palixa’s Cafe Corner is the predominant grey walls in a recognizable design, but with more colour accents. For sure I can say I like it as much as the 10182. Even more, as this one has fantastic interiors as well.

The never-ending story

For sure, my LEGO collection keeps growing, and to make the building faster, an efficient storing system is needed. The same way as I struggle with the endless sorting, so does my Eurobricks avatar. Here she’s sorting the bricks from her last PaB visit.