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The world is smaller today…

I do not think the Australian builder Karf Oolhu needs an introduction, but I do suggest you take a look through his photostream if you are not familiar with his work. One of his latest creations are these two globes, taking advantage of the similarities of the Pirates of the Carribean globe piece and Star Wars Tatooine planet pieces, as well as some classic Karf-Oolhian ingenuity. Paired with a pun, “Global Issues – They’re all a matter of perspective” it makes for a well-rounded creation. I do wish the builder had made the bases of the globes more similar, but then again, it might have looked worse then.


Home decor

If you’re looking for some vintage home decor, you’ll find Jared‘s furniture perfect for the job. It’s the whole scene that stands out and it could be easily used as part of a store display window, or to recreate a charming old-school style library or office. Although I prefer more modern lines and shapes, this vintage style is something to inspire. Just looking at the building techniques used to recreate the rounded shapes can give you lots of inspiration.


The Marriott Hotel

So if you’re looking for a place to stay and have a great time, this Marriott hotel seems like a great choice. Not only it is lovely to look at and admire the great work of its creator, Jean Macou, it also has a full interior, packed with amazing details. It’s really worth checking more photos of the interiors, to enjoy a lovely restaurant on the ground floor, have an after dinner drink at the bar, enjoy the themed rooms (Marvel, Star Wars, Nightmare or the Pirates of the Caribean). If you want to start your day fresh, there’s always an option to go for a swimm and enjoy the view through a skylight. For me, even without seeing the interiors, it was the size, the detailing and the colors of the facade that did the trick to get my attention. All together, there’s lots of interesting details to spike up your imagination and get you building.

Private chambers

Here’s a fabulous example of what money can buy. Bank’s owner (or legostrator) did a great job. It’s hard to look at this room tightly packed with amazing details and not miss a single detail. What specifically stands out to me is the unusual floor pattern, brick-built chimney wall, wooden cabinet, and lots of little, but hidden details. To name a few, it took me quite some moments to figure out how the chair was built, the radiator below the beautiful brick-built window and the lively details of logs packed away on the side of the fireplace, a blooming flower on the window sill and the glowing fire. If you’re looking for interior inspiration, this is surely it!

Dining room

The first of hopefully many future posts on interior design will feature dining room furniture. No dining room is complete without a set of dining room chairs. My favourite (and also the simplest) are there. They’re made with a specialized part – Utensil seat 2×2. This part is available in 14 different colours┬á if you want a splash of colour. My favourite chair colour is redish brown because it reminds me of the traditional wooden dining room furniture. I prefer to add some ”legs” to make the chairs higher. Usually, I aim for a realistic height in comparison to minifigs, so the maximum ”leg” height is 1 brick.

Fawkes the Phoenix

This little scene is something for LEGO and Harry Potter fans alike. Obviously, Markus Rollb├╝hler showed his incredible skills putting parts together. Although there’s many details to like, such as the stairs railing, large book cabinet, and the table lamp, my favourite is the tiled floor. It creates a great pattern effect, and it really makes you take the second look to take it all in.

Back to school

It’s been a while since my last day at school, and these two scenes have a certain appeal. The classroom by LegoJalex looks like a perfect elementary classroom with lots of bright colours, and easy going atmosphere. It’s full of interesting details, my favourite being the overhad projector. The projector as such was part of many high school classes, when computers and powerpoint presentations were still a rarity.

On the other hand,

Brick’s New House

Every now and then the BrickHamster stumbles upon interesting and unique creations on LEGO Ideas. There’s too many of them to promote all, however some of them are featured here as well because they have that something special. This one, named The Brick’s New House by enowicki_AFOL, might seem as a pretty easy and simple project. It is a simple project, but it has that special vibe, you know the ”old-school” vibe. As such it is appealing to the slightly older AFOL population as it brings back the memories. On the other hand, it’s simple enough to be built by the youngsters on the way to be AFOLs in many years on. What makes it special as well is its design. It has a modular concept of building individual sections first, and then assembling them all together into a building.

Furniture inspiration

If you’re looking for some interior design inspirations, Deborah Higdon is the one. She’s one of my favourite builders, and I always find some inspiration in her builds whether it’s a building, furniture or something else like a bookend. This time she impressed me with her latest set of modern furniture. I’m still planning to fill the interiors of my latest corner modular building, and Deborah’s furniture gave me some nice ideas. What I like the most, is a clever use of parts, and thinking outside (my brain) box. As I often see some parts as unusefull, I’m glad builders like Deborah can show me a hidden potential.


Room interior

Here’s another great example for decorating one of your rooms. The furnishings and the decor made by Laura Jenkins looks so great it could easily fit even in the non-LEGO rooms. My favourite details is the wall behind the fireplace. It’s outstanding with the pattern and texture, and is the best feature in a room full of great design.