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New Friends sets in 2017

This came as a morning’s surprise as I wasn’t expecting to see any pictures yet. Since I’m liking lots of details, here’s some of the pictures of the upcoming Friends sets to help your curiosity (thanks to FriendsBricks).

Stephanie’s House (set 41314) has lovely, but stickered, windows and they would look great on many residential buildings. Not to mention all the interior details.

A ride in summer style

In time for summer, Friends get their own summer style ride. It’s no other than the iconic VW Beetle, coinciding with the release of Creator’s 10252 Volkswagen Beetle. Unfortunately, it’s not an OOB, but a MOC made by Tyler Sky. The size of Tyler’s model is spot on for minidolls, the shape is recognizable (it’s not easy to get all those curves right), and the color is perfect for cruising along the beach. And it even has a surf board at hand. Surf on!

Back to school

It’s been a while since my last day at school, and these two scenes have a certain appeal. The classroom by LegoJalex looks like a perfect elementary classroom with lots of bright colours, and easy going atmosphere. It’s full of interesting details, my favourite being the overhad projector. The projector as such was part of many high school classes, when computers and powerpoint presentations were still a rarity.

On the other hand,

2016 Friends sets

Finally, the pictures of 2016 Friends sets have been posted on FriendsBricks. I’m excited to see so many accessories and little details in these sets, and I can easily see them being reused in my MOCs. My favourite (so far) are 41119 Heartlake Cupcake Cafe, and 41118 Heartlake Supermarket. I’m eagerly waiting for those medium blue corner dome tops, cupcake stickers, watermelon, new cookies, sushi tiles, chocolate bars and a new type of 1×2 panel with sides in trans clear. 41115 Emma’s  Creative Workshop features a violet laptop, and very cute brick-built sewing machine. 41116 Olivia’s Exploration Car will take you for a star gazing session. The Adventure subtheme includes 41120 Adventure Camp Archery, 41121 Adventure Camp rafting and 41122 Adventure Tree House. Some of the interesting parts in 2016 include a plant vine in green, a new printed wood pattern round tile, a tent, yellow bicycle, colorful party hats and more rabbits.

Emma’s Tourist Kiosk

LEGO summer sets are out on the shelves for a couple weeks now. One of the theme’s that has became known for introducing the new parts and colours is the Friends, and mostly for that reason, I always have a look at the inventory of the up-coming sets. For that, and sometimes other reasons as well, some of the sets make it to my shopping list. Emma’s Tourist Kiosk was one of the lucky ones, and here’s a short review.

Saving money to buy new sets

What’s better than emptying your ”piggy-bank” to count the savings and then go for a walk to your favourite toy shop to buy more LEGO. If you’re looking for a new way to save money, this ”piggy-bank” (40155 Pig Coin Bank) looks trustworthy to keep every cent (or penny) inside.

This set along with some others was found in Billund,and shared by Aanchir.

Animal park

Lasse built this incredible Zoo using Friends minidolls and variety of animals from Friends, City and Duplo sets. Even the old monorail is added in a completeley new design and color scheme. Click here for more photos and check out every single cage. Each is done to the last detail!


A new Friends shop

A new Friends’ set is revealed! The set number is 41108, and the official name is not known yet. At Brickset database it’s listed as Shop, but I’m pretty sure there’s a fancier name to this set.