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A battle of matrial masters

It is great to see a new creation from one of your favouite builder, especially if you can learn something new from it. Obviously, W. Navarre will never disappoint with his landscaping, but some other aspects of his builds can be hit or miss. (It should be pointed out at this point that I have great personal respect for this builder.) This time, W. is faced with a problems many builders know very well, and that is his build looking better in real life than on photographs (I would not know, I have not seen it). While I love the technical detailing of the brickbuilt figures of the sensei and the ninja, the 2D nature of a photo prevents us to see the figures properly and the ninja does too good of a job at blending in… The “special effects” are interesting too. The sensei’s lightning has more to be desired, but it compliments its wielder well. On the other hand the stone spike created by the ninja is excellent, but it first off blends in too much and the ninja is in a strange position for it. Still, the figures should be given closer inspection, because they have potential and good poseability. Personally I will stick to my own design, but I migh take some inspiration from this for the next time.


I should state that this build is better the longer you look at it, so if you have time, go look at the largest size of the photo and have fun learning. I sure had.

The Stargazer

Legonardo Davidy once again showcased his skills building with LEGO bricks. Apart from his imagination giving way to this fantastical creation, he used different SNOT techniques to create the landscape and the tower. The rocks are cleverly built in various directions to avoid the uniform look, and the variety of plants is equally diverse. The vines climbing the tower walls are actually the leftovers of flower stems with large leaves, and I made a mental note to recycle them. The tower also has some interesting architectural details. Spefically, my attention was caught by the door portal, the stone wall texture, and the unusually shaped roof.

Once upon a time

there was a pink castle! Not just any pink castle, but the Sleeping Beauty’s pink castle. This is an architectural beauty. Its design is amazing, considering all the round shapes in pretty pink and cone-shaped dark blue roofs. Even if you’re not a fan of pink, there’s lots of inspiration to find in this pink castle. Building style and techniques used are impressive, just look at all those intricate details in white, or the round walls in pink, gold decorations or different cone-shaped roofs. The carriage leaving the castle is yet another amazingly built detail. Make sure to check Stephle59‘s Flickr stream for more close-ups of the details.

Green Lake Tower Ruins

This Green Lake is one of the reasons I keep following Cesar Soares‘s creations. It’s an amazing combination of stone, water and vegetation. My attention was initially drawn to the amazingly green water of the lake,  a great way to use the 1×1 trans-green plates which are sometimes available at PaB walls in large quantities. In addition to an interesting water technique, this MOC can be an inspirations also for a diverse vegetation growing at the edge of the lake and around the tower ruins. What’s more, this MOC is viewable from all four angles, so make sure to check it all.

Tundwar Temple

Jaka Kupina is not only a great MOCer, he’s also a great storyteller. Here’s his story about the Tundwar temple, a place in Rakath Mountains, where lives mage Huzgar. Eric and Ira, which they travel north in Mitgardia deliver him cereal grains from miller Emald, so now he can finish the spell. He is very satisfied and reward them with a potion that will give them strength through further journey. He also warn them that should be careful through the mountains, because they are full of orcs, especially in the Mitgardian Rakath Mountains. Before he returns to the temple just wish them a safe journey.


City of Dale from the Hobbit

City of Dale is another beautiful microscale MOC. It’s a city known to fans of J. R. R. Tolkien as the one destroyed by dragon Smaug and later rebuilt by Bard the Bowman. I enjoyed both the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books (but not so much the movies) and I recognized the scene immediately, although I couldn’t remember the name of the town. Disco86 did a great job recreating the hallmarks of the city lying bellow the Lonely Mountain. The dwarf statues are amazing, specially their tools. Another interesting detail are the olive green trees, and the round city wall.


The Tower of the Storms

When I stumbled upon this tower my attention was on the clear bright light blue waters and the waves crushing at the rock. In my opinion, Toltomeja did a wonderful job creating dynamic water effect. After viewing the tower from up close, I noticed other details too. I was surprised by the parts used for the windows of the tower, and I admit, they fit right in with the shabby style.