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Blue appartments

Many complained about the looks of the Detective’s Office Modular Building. Most of the comments coming to mind were about the mix of colours and multiple parts of the buildings making it look like a hodge podge. However, some of us liked the building also for the parts it brought. The bright light blue is one of my favourite colours. I’m not sure if O WingĂ„rd used his copy of the modular building or got an extra one for parts, but I am sure he did a great job turning the building into lovely appartments.

Polar bear

The extremely low outside temperatures all over Europe are not making people happy. I’m guessing one of the few enjoying this cold weather are polar bears, and I’m pretty sure the low temperatures were at least partly used as an inspiration for Jens Ohrendorf‘s polar bear. After a short walk, I certainly wouldn’t mind having a warm white fur like the bear.

Whale Island

When thinking of whales and islands in the same sentence, a whale island is definitely not something that comes to mind. However, there are some minds (delayice) capable of processing these two and creating an extraordinary landscape. The landscape looks just as lively, with greenery, rocks, and a stream crossing the green meadows. What makes it so special is the unusual and very accurate shape of a whale.

Almost Christmas Time…

VW vans were always a great source to try and show your artistic skillls. This one, built by Norton74, is no exception. Iconic vehicle, filled with gifts is a perfect way to announce that the holidays are coming! Have a great time!

Cherry Pie

If you have a sweet tooth, I’m pretty sure you fancy a slice of this special Cherry Pie. The recipe is a secret, but I’m sure you can contact W. Navarre to find out more details.

Picture perfect

No matter what your favourite picture looks like, I bet it fits this nice and shinny picture frame perfectly. Birgburg made this golden frame for her still life photo. It’s hard to say which details are my favourite. On one side, the details on the frame stand out, and they really draw attention to them. On the other hand, the still life setting of the table holds much more, specially for the hungry eyes. The cherries, bundled together into grapes, are my favourite on the table.

Choo choo, a Winter train is coming

News (and pictures) of the new Holiday Winter train are finally here. For many, the long expected Holiday train is not a re-release of the Holiday Train from 2006, although it looks similar and has the right colour wibe. My attention was immediately drawn to some of the parts included in the set, the white leaves. Power functions are not included in the set, but the train is ready to run the tracks once they are installed. Other than that, the colour scheme is very holiday-like, there’s lots of green, red and gold details. For sure, this would make a nice addition to your holiday decorations.

Summer swimming

This MOC is not what we usually feature at the BrickHamster, but it has that special something worth blogging. It fits in the sculpture’s range, althought it’s not as big as it seems. According to its creator, Dirk VH, the swimmer was built with 1000 parts, and swims in another 1400 trans-light blue 1×2 plates. It was inspired by the summer Olympic Games in Rio, and I find it suitable to wish all the athletes and other participants to enjoy the games and do their best.


Holiday camping van

Begining of June is probably the last time to book a holiday place at the sea side, if you want something with a sea view. If you’re already too late for that, don’t worry. There might be a chance to rent (or borrow) Chapachuk‘s camper. It’s a much larger than minifig scale, and comes with a fantastic assortment of amenities. The only thing missing (in my opinion) is a view of either Northern lights or sunset at Mediterranean.