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Blue appartments

Many complained about the looks of the Detective’s Office Modular Building. Most of the comments coming to mind were about the mix of colours and multiple parts of the buildings making it look like a hodge podge. However, some of us liked the building also for the parts it brought. The bright light blue is one of my favourite colours. I’m not sure if O Wingård used his copy of the modular building or got an extra one for parts, but I am sure he did a great job turning the building into lovely appartments.

Grocery shopping

If you live in a LEGO city, stopping at Jason Skaare‘s Supermarket is a must if you want to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables and other delicacies. The building is a beautiful combination of interesting architectural details around the windows and at the roof. My favourite is the ground floor with bright awnings and lots of details behind the windows. What’s more, the building is lighted, and has a full interior. If you’re looking for more inspiration, you should check the interiors as well.

Feeling nostalgia

Can’t say I lived in the 60’s, but I can feel the 60’s vibe of this scene. Or as birgburg wrote ”the era of high hair and short skirts” is really evident. Moreover, I was initially drawn to this vignette by the little blue car. While I’m not an expert on cars, this one seems easy enough to be used as basic design for reverse engineering.

City Touristic BUS – Coach

This is my attempt at making a Touristic Bus – Coach. I tried to keep the vehicle 6 studs wid, like all other LEGO models are, but now, when it’s made I see, that 8 studs would be better. Well, next time. :)

Next stop is Piazza Maria

When on a trip around Europe, Piazza Maria is a place where you must make a stop whether it’s just for a cup of coffee or delicious ice-cream.While there, make sure to check the square’s amazing architecture, and beautiful flowers on window sills. The locals are doing their best to keep this square green! Andrew, thanks for showing us this beautiful spot!