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LEGO Disney Castle

The news of LEGO Disney Castle hit me like a stone. I admit, I enjoyed some offline time during summer holidays, and getting back to virtual world with a news like that can be very exciting. I’m not a fan of the price, it’s a licensed set afterall, but I do like the many architectural details and interior design. It’s definitely something to get your hands on.

A very detailed microscale castle

Microscale can be very challenging especially if you want it small and detailed. This microscale castle by Toltomeja is a fine example how a multitude of small parts can be used to create a detailed facade. He combined a bunch of very ordinary parts, such as round 2×2 bricks with and without grille, round 2×2 plates, technic bushes, taps and icecream cones, to get an incredibly detailed castle. Another impressive detail is hidden in the shadows of the castle,a tiny microscale ship.

Microscale castles

Building in microscale is always a challenge, especially if you consider including various details in the landscape and architecture. I found these nice models of microscale castle, and they each have something unique. The first one catching my eye today was the stronghold made by Karf Oohlu. The stronghold is pretty simple looking, and has a feel of something really old, before the advanced building techniques were known. It’s surrounded by a vast meadow, and it’s actually the wedge plates used for the base that got my attention. Overlying them creates a nice landscaping.

Hyrule Castle

I’m not familiar with the Hyrule Castle from the Legend of Zelda, however this MOC by Joseph Zawada is nevertheless outstanding. Formost it’s the whole scene with bright colours that caught my attention – the blue spires contrasted by the grey walls, lush greenery around and on the walls, and clear blue waters surrounding the castle. Closer inspection revealed much more interesting details, the most prominent are the round towers built with different variants of SNOT.

Once upon a time

there was a pink castle! Not just any pink castle, but the Sleeping Beauty’s pink castle. This is an architectural beauty. Its design is amazing, considering all the round shapes in pretty pink and cone-shaped dark blue roofs. Even if you’re not a fan of pink, there’s lots of inspiration to find in this pink castle. Building style and techniques used are impressive, just look at all those intricate details in white, or the round walls in pink, gold decorations or different cone-shaped roofs. The carriage leaving the castle is yet another amazingly built detail. Make sure to check Stephle59‘s Flickr stream for more close-ups of the details.

Where a princess lives

This castle got my attention simply because it’s different from the thousands of other LEGO castles. It’s not just the white walls, but also a combination of brightly coloured bricks, such as the bright light blue and bright pink castle turret tops, the dark purple and magenta tower roofs, or other small details, including versatile plants around the castle walls, or detailing on the large white walls. Hrczs1 combined all this rarely seen together parts, and create a dream castle for his minidolls.

The docks of Isil Oro

Built for the Lands of Roawia role play adventure, this MOC by aardwolf_83 stands out for an interesting water technique, SNOTed rocks and diverse, yet similarly styled cottages. In addition, the mighty grey wall is interestingly textured, and one can only guess what’s hidden behind those high walls.

BlueWater Castle

Portuguese AFOL C├ęsar Soares creates astonishing ‘BlueWater Castle’.

You are invited to explore more detils on his Flickr page.
It is impossible to make short post on such a vast project. So I won’t and rather keep watching…

Dragon castle

Bricktales made this wonderful castle. What caught my eye was the clear water in the trench around the castle, flowers and bricbuilt doors. Clearly, you don’t need large buckets of bricks to make an impressive castle.