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Blue appartments

Many complained about the looks of the Detective’s Office Modular Building. Most of the comments coming to mind were about the mix of colours and multiple parts of the buildings making it look like a hodge podge. However, some of us liked the building also for the parts it brought. The bright light blue is one of my favourite colours. I’m not sure if O Wingård used his copy of the modular building or got an extra one for parts, but I am sure he did a great job turning the building into lovely appartments.

Winter Village: Tea ‘n Tomes

This entry for the Eurobricks’ Winter Village competion combines three of my favourite things, LEGO bricks, books and tea. Without doubt, the public library cottage built by Palixa and the bricks is very appealing and fits the style of the Winter Village. However, I admit I was drawn to this creation mostly because of the cute teapot outside the building. It’s built spot on in the shape of a traditional round tea pot and the fact that the books on the teapot are free to take makes it even more appealing.

The Marriott Hotel

So if you’re looking for a place to stay and have a great time, this Marriott hotel seems like a great choice. Not only it is lovely to look at and admire the great work of its creator, Jean Macou, it also has a full interior, packed with amazing details. It’s really worth checking more photos of the interiors, to enjoy a lovely restaurant on the ground floor, have an after dinner drink at the bar, enjoy the themed rooms (Marvel, Star Wars, Nightmare or the Pirates of the Caribean). If you want to start your day fresh, there’s always an option to go for a swimm and enjoy the view through a skylight. For me, even without seeing the interiors, it was the size, the detailing and the colors of the facade that did the trick to get my attention. All together, there’s lots of interesting details to spike up your imagination and get you building.

Lighthouse island

My latest MOC, but not my first lighthouse built, was this small lighthouse island. Since it’s my third lighthouse MOC, I was a bit challenged not to repeat the previous ones. What makes this one different from the older two models, is its scale. It’s a bit smaller, and the size was limited by the exhibition it was built for. Luckily, this limited worked well for me, as the hardest point was how to start and set the right size.

The Tourist

Winter might not be the best time to travel because of the cold weather, but if you choose this time of year, you might avoid crowds around the sights and actually enjoy the beautiful scenery. And if you do so, here’s a suggestion on where to go. Lego Fjotten made this lovely scene from the movie ”The Tourist”, and depicted a typical Venetian architecture of canal houses. Enjoy!

New York street corner inspiration

It’s been a while since I last saw a truly inspirational building. Considering the large number of modular builders, it’s hard to find something unique. The looks, the style and the building techniques are overlapping, but every now and then a building pops up that’s stands out from the crowd. As this New York street corner built by brickbink. It’s not exactly fitting the modular building scale, but it’s a beauty from all sides. What I’m most fascinated, it’s the little details, such as the intricate window details on the ground floor of both buildings, the impressive ‘stone’ work, the striped curtains, or the fire escape stairs.

1930’s Detroit

After struggling with a writer’s block, I finally found a MOC that inspired me to write these extra lines. I cannot vouch for the historical accuracy of the depicted scene, but I can say there is a certain feel to it. The creator Dario Minisini included a vast amount of details to create the right atmosphere. I admit I was drawn to the ‘plain’ looking architecture of the brownstone building, however there’s more. In addition to the plate built facade to mimick real bricks, the realistic sliding windows add another touch of reality – my favourite detail for sure. What’s yours?

Rosenwald Apartments

Lately, I’ve been very impressed by many microscale creations. These Rosenwald Apartments were built by Rocco Buttliere. I was attracted to the scale of the build, being small, yet allowing many details, such as extra small windows on buildings, walkways between the buildings, and lots of greenery around the block. What surprised me is that this microscale MOC is based on a real life public housing complex in Chicago. If you’re considering starting an architectural microscale MOC, this is the photo to inspire.





Grayscale Modular Building

If you think you don’t have enough colored bricks to make a stunning and bright modular building, think again. Although grey is often considering just as the base colour for many building, different shade of grey can be used to make highlights and interesting details on all-grey facade. Pete Strege for sure has a large selection of grey parts, and his latest building, the Monochrome Motel is a fine example of intricate details all in one color. Definitely a building to inspire!

Brownstone Neighborhood

Barton Thinks created this extra cute and realistic microscale neighborhood of brownstones. A closer look at one of the brownstone units reveals interestingly built and detailed facade reminiscent of the brown building from the Pet Shop set. However, the brownstones were designed modularly, so 4 of them form a modular block that’s easy to expand into a whole neighborhood. Add a bunch of trees, a car or two stoped in front of the traffic lights, and bring the Brownstone Neighborhood to life.