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A splash of modular color

Everyone knows I have a soft spot for modular buildings. Afterall, it’s the modulars that brought me back to LEGO, and they’re still a great source of inspiration. I always enjoy it when I stumble upon new modular buildings or new modular builders. Łukasz Libuszewski is one of the new builders (at least from my perspective), but his modulars don’t show it. I found the yellow building first, but this shot of three buildings, each in a different colour pallete and texture is by far my favourite.

Blue appartments

Many complained about the looks of the Detective’s Office Modular Building. Most of the comments coming to mind were about the mix of colours and multiple parts of the buildings making it look like a hodge podge. However, some of us liked the building also for the parts it brought. The bright light blue is one of my favourite colours. I’m not sure if O Wingård used his copy of the modular building or got an extra one for parts, but I am sure he did a great job turning the building into lovely appartments.

The Marriott Hotel

So if you’re looking for a place to stay and have a great time, this Marriott hotel seems like a great choice. Not only it is lovely to look at and admire the great work of its creator, Jean Macou, it also has a full interior, packed with amazing details. It’s really worth checking more photos of the interiors, to enjoy a lovely restaurant on the ground floor, have an after dinner drink at the bar, enjoy the themed rooms (Marvel, Star Wars, Nightmare or the Pirates of the Caribean). If you want to start your day fresh, there’s always an option to go for a swimm and enjoy the view through a skylight. For me, even without seeing the interiors, it was the size, the detailing and the colors of the facade that did the trick to get my attention. All together, there’s lots of interesting details to spike up your imagination and get you building.

Lighthouse island

My latest MOC, but not my first lighthouse built, was this small lighthouse island. Since it’s my third lighthouse MOC, I was a bit challenged not to repeat the previous ones. What makes this one different from the older two models, is its scale. It’s a bit smaller, and the size was limited by the exhibition it was built for. Luckily, this limited worked well for me, as the hardest point was how to start and set the right size.

The secret riddle

Sometimes, all it takes to make an outstanding MOC, is a simple idea, interesting building style and great photography. Melan-e has it all. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this MOC is even more outstanding. What caught my attention was the gate, both of the side pillars and the wrought iron gate. From a distance, it looks too real to be made of plastic, from up close, the building details are revealed. Like it or not, it’s definitely a great inspiration.

The Tourist

Winter might not be the best time to travel because of the cold weather, but if you choose this time of year, you might avoid crowds around the sights and actually enjoy the beautiful scenery. And if you do so, here’s a suggestion on where to go. Lego Fjotten made this lovely scene from the movie ”The Tourist”, and depicted a typical Venetian architecture of canal houses. Enjoy!

Visit to Paris

If you wonder what Paris looked today (given it was sunny with no clouds), here’s your picture. And say thank you to LegoJalex for taking his time to recreate the most iconic Parisian building in microscale.

10255 Assembly Square

After a long wait, the news modular fans were waiting for is finally here. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, TLG will release a new modular building, namely the 10255 Assembly Square. Featuring 4002 pieces and costing 240 EUR is actually a combination of three buildings, all ful with details reminiscent of its predecessors. All in all, there’s lovely colours, interesting design, versatile businesses, and lots of intereseting new parts. It’s worth checking the pictures for more details.

Here’s the official press release: