Alpha Romeo 4C Spider

As bald as I am, I can just feel the wind in my hair! Imagine, it’s still unfinished, can the final build really be even more spectacular? Well, we’ll have to wait for Jeroen Ottens to finish it.

By the way, the looks are not the only eyecatcher here, this baby is fully remote controled with motorised gearbox and adjustable seats.


Jurassic World 2015

I heard that new series Jurassic World will containsĀ 6 sets:
– 75915 Pteranodon Capture
– 75916 Dilophosaurus Ambush
– 75917 Raptor Rampage
– 75918 T-Rex Tracker
– 75919 Ultra Dino
– 75920 Raptor Escape

Santa’s Reindeer Barn

A day after Christmas, Santa is back to the North Pole. After a long trip around the world, his reindeer, Rudolph, Comet, Dasher, and Cupid can enjoy a rest in their barn made by 6kyubi6 in the style of the Winter Village series.

Reindeer Barn


This little vignette made by Michael Jasper is not just a cute presentation of the childhood game hopscotch, it’s also full of great details, like the mini bicycles. And have you seen a bunny anywhere?



Town Hall extension

What makes Jason Skaare‘s Town Hall extension special is that the extension can also be a stand alone building by combining the left and right wing, and it looks great on its own as well.

Town Hall extension

Town Hall and its stand alone extension

Waiting for a train

This cute little train station was built by Snaillad. Although small in size, this train station is full of lovely details. I wouldn’t mind waiting for a train here even if it was running late.