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When TLG released the first buildings in the Modular Buildings series in 2007, they might had a glimpse of how iconic they will become. Nine years later, 9 buildings were released in the series and they inspired many AFOLs around the world to follow their style. As I was one of those AFOLs that modular buildings brought back to the creative world of LEGO, I decided the share a ”getting started guide” on modular buildings. The tutorial is split in multiple chapters each focusing on different aspects of modular buildings.

For now you can see this steps:
00 – Modular buildings building guide – intro
– 01 – A start of a new modular neighbourhood
– 02 – Putting up the walls
03 – Interior design
04 – Building the floors
05 – Furnished appartments
– 06 – Finishing the roof
– 07 – Modular buildings corner



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  1. bar
    29/12/2015 at 11:28

    I must admit I’ve been eagerly waiting to see the rest of these building guide. As a complete beginner to real-brick modular building, it really came very useful to see step-by-step how a master builder does it. It was also very inspirational when I started building my own modular building, as I already had an idea, but couldn’t decide on a color scheme. Seeing your corner set coming up from scratch I decided to do something similar, and from what it was believed to be my second, 16-studs wide attempt at modulars, is now a 48-studs wide set of 2 buildings, combining both bussines and residential area! It was primarily done in LDD, where I much or less managed to stay focused on bricks I already had in my vast, but un-sorted brick collection, but is now already becoming a real thing with real bricks! So, thanks for sharing all the knowledge and experience!

    Before you submit the final chapter to this guide – I have another question which might be usefull as a chapter 8: how to decide on floors’ height? I know you have plenty of experience with different MOCs, so what would you suggest to a beginner: what turned out to be the most convenient height of buildings for your city? One that makes buildings look like real and in best proportions, and one that doesn’t make the difference between individual buildings too big (specially for exhibitions, when you put MOCs of different builders together).

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