Scala is weird…

I could end this post at the title and just skip to the photo, but we should really analyze this creation more in-depth. First of all, scala is odd to begin with, being a very non-LEGO theme, but still having some degree of success. It is interesting though, that I see more Galidor pieces used in MOCs than Scala. Slowly becoming one of my favourite builders, Gamabomb, shows us this time that Scala has loads of potential too. While there are many obscure pieces from said theme, there are also useful ones, most notably clothing and some utensils. The Cyberpunk-Rigger MOC uses the weirder Scala bricks (the figure) to its advantage, with very interesting greebly elements as helmet and extremities which makes for great contrast between the clean organic and complex mechanical shapes. Technique-wise, I really like the connections the builder used to attach the arms (and probably the leg too, but we do not see it). Gamabomb says he is planning to do a Scala-scale cyberpunk diorama, for which I am quite excited. He also provides us with another W.I.P. picture.


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