In the arms of the sea you will live as hypnotized

To enter into the Kockice LUG Brickstory contest that has just concluded, I have built a shipwreck with a complex backstory. This was directly inspired by the song Lemuria by Therion. Lemuria is a hypotetical continent over which lemurs would have reached Madagascar from India millions of years ago, but after scientific community abandoned the idea, writers and esoterics picked it up as an inspiration for many stories, which describe it as a lost continent that housed an ancient civilization in the distant past, much like Atlantis. Therion describes this continent as “El Dorado for the seaman” in their song. While I did not put much gold or treasure in my diorama, I did try to capture both the futility of the quest for Lemuria with the overgrown shipwreck and the lost civilization represented by some broken ruins scattered around. The ship is built using tubes with plates and tiles clipped on them. The end result is extremely fragile, but I believe the decreipt effect was captured successfuly. I have used different colours of algae depending on what they would grow on, as would happen naturally. The first version of the diorama had much more colourful underwater life, but it looked too chaotic and inconsistent.


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