Three speeders

With the LEGO speeder bike contest underway, I have decided to enter, and in all categories too. I have started with some basic desings which I have also uploaded to Flickr a while earlier, but improved on all of them immediately after that. None of these creations really have all that much effort put into them and if I did not have more projects to do in February, there would be a third version of each of these.

First off is the Hypercompetitor, a very aggressive racing speeder with a canon piece as the focal point. Eliminating competiton at any price and winning is its main goal.

The Survivinator is an endurance racing speeder. I like this one second best from the second versions, but what I am really proud of is its display vignette, a Xalax (LEGO racers 2) inspired crystal and geode landscape. All the feedback I got agrees with me that the geode is the best part of my speeder bike contest entries.

The Illegal Connection is built for the third category, nightline city. It was mostly built just for the competition and even though it is not some of my worse work, I am not very proud of it. The base was done in a rush before I moved on to my next project.

While I was never much of a contest builder, lately that has changed, mostly because contests were either not very time consuming or the theme was something I would want to build anyways. The speeder bike contest will last until 28.2.2017, so if you wanted to join, there is still time!


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