Picture perfect

No matter what your favourite picture looks like, I bet it fits this nice and shinny picture frame perfectly. Birgburg made this golden frame for her still life photo. It’s hard to say which details are my favourite. On one side, the details on the frame stand out, and they really draw attention to them. On the other hand, the still life setting of the table holds much more, specially for the hungry eyes. The cherries, bundled together into grapes, are my favourite on the table.

1930’s Detroit

After struggling with a writer’s block, I finally found a MOC that inspired me to write these extra lines. I cannot vouch for the historical accuracy of the depicted scene, but I can say there is a certain feel to it. The creator Dario Minisini included a vast amount of details to create the right atmosphere. I admit I was drawn to the ‘plain’ looking architecture of the brownstone building, however there’s more. In addition to the plate built facade to mimick real bricks, the realistic sliding windows add another touch of reality – my favourite detail for sure. What’s yours?


I think everyone is familiar with the historical and archeological city of Petra. When I saw this beautiful MOC of Petra, I knew immediately that the creator of the LEGO Petra, Letranger Absurde, did a great job. There’s a lot of interesting approaches to building details on the front, I particularly like the use of technic pins, and how the pin slots add yet another level of detail.

Thomas Paine’s office

This lovely cottage caught my attention mostly due to an interesting built platform, and the plate-built walls. The oval base creates an interesting effect and rounds the building very nicely, adding just the right amount of exterior details. The plate-built walls are something I’m conteplating for a long time, and although they look nice, they are not very cost-effective. Even the creator of this cottage, Ryan K., admits he spend too much for the parts. Nevertheless, the end result looks impressive. In addition to the above mentioned details, one of the highlights are also the brick-built windows, and shutters. If you’re looking for a different approach to build houses, this is a great inspiration to try different styles, and techniques.

Choo choo, a Winter train is coming

News (and pictures) of the new Holiday Winter train are finally here. For many, the long expected Holiday train is not a re-release of the Holiday Train from 2006, although it looks similar and has the right colour wibe. My attention was immediately drawn to some of the parts included in the set, the white leaves. Power functions are not included in the set, but the train is ready to run the tracks once they are installed. Other than that, the colour scheme is very holiday-like, there’s lots of green, red and gold details. For sure, this would make a nice addition to your holiday decorations.

Summer swimming

This MOC is not what we usually feature at the BrickHamster, but it has that special something worth blogging. It fits in the sculpture’s range, althought it’s not as big as it seems. According to its creator, Dirk VH, the swimmer was built with 1000 parts, and swims in another 1400 trans-light blue 1×2 plates. It was inspired by the summer Olympic Games in Rio, and I find it suitable to wish all the athletes and other participants to enjoy the games and do their best.


Crazy interiors

I haven’t seen many of Alice in Wonderland MOCs since Alice mini fig was featured in the Disney Collectable Minifigs series. This one, Hatter’s house was built by Brick Blue Wren, and comes with full interiors. Even if you’re not a fan of Alice, you should take your time to check the interiors details. Lots of inspiration can be found inside those walls.




Dining room

The first of hopefully many future posts on interior design will feature dining room furniture. No dining room is complete without a set of dining room chairs. My favourite (and also the simplest) are there. They’re made with a specialized part – Utensil seat 2×2. This part is available in 14 different colours  if you want a splash of colour. My favourite chair colour is redish brown because it reminds me of the traditional wooden dining room furniture. I prefer to add some ”legs” to make the chairs higher. Usually, I aim for a realistic height in comparison to minifigs, so the maximum ”leg” height is 1 brick.