Cherry Pie

If you have a sweet tooth, I’m pretty sure you fancy a slice of this special Cherry Pie. The recipe is a secret, but I’m sure you can contact W. Navarre to find out more details.

10255 Assembly Square

After a long wait, the news modular fans were waiting for is finally here. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, TLG will release a new modular building, namely the 10255 Assembly Square. Featuring 4002 pieces and costing 240 EUR is actually a combination of three buildings, all ful with details reminiscent of its predecessors. All in all, there’s lovely colours, interesting design, versatile businesses, and lots of intereseting new parts. It’s worth checking the pictures for more details.

Here’s the official press release:

LEGO® Ideas 21306 Yellow Submarine

The latest LEGO Ideas set is something for LEGO and Beatles’ fans alike, a Yellow Submarine with the fab four in minifig form. Since I fit both categories, this is a must buy for me. The set will be available from November 1st for 60 EUR. The submarine is bright and colourful, just the way it should be. I’m really looking forward building it and then enjoying it as a display piece.

Here’s the official press release and more photos:

Modular Restaurant

Minifigures are always hungry. Only for the food? For a new entertainment as well. The building named MJC’s Traditional Cuisine is built for everyone looking for Michelin’s stars to feed their minifigures, and everyone waiting for the new modular building to play with. More pictures are available in Flickr. If you like the MOC, you can give it your support in LEGO Ideas.





Only for the brave…

Would you be brave enough to enter?

I admit I don’t feel that brave. But I am impressed by the intricate stone details around the door and would prefer to admire those when the brave will be inside.

New York street corner inspiration

It’s been a while since I last saw a truly inspirational building. Considering the large number of modular builders, it’s hard to find something unique. The looks, the style and the building techniques are overlapping, but every now and then a building pops up that’s stands out from the crowd. As this New York street corner built by brickbink. It’s not exactly fitting the modular building scale, but it’s a beauty from all sides. What I’m most fascinated, it’s the little details, such as the intricate window details on the ground floor of both buildings, the impressive ‘stone’ work, the striped curtains, or the fire escape stairs.

Picture perfect

No matter what your favourite picture looks like, I bet it fits this nice and shinny picture frame perfectly. Birgburg made this golden frame for her still life photo. It’s hard to say which details are my favourite. On one side, the details on the frame stand out, and they really draw attention to them. On the other hand, the still life setting of the table holds much more, specially for the hungry eyes. The cherries, bundled together into grapes, are my favourite on the table.

1930’s Detroit

After struggling with a writer’s block, I finally found a MOC that inspired me to write these extra lines. I cannot vouch for the historical accuracy of the depicted scene, but I can say there is a certain feel to it. The creator Dario Minisini included a vast amount of details to create the right atmosphere. I admit I was drawn to the ‘plain’ looking architecture of the brownstone building, however there’s more. In addition to the plate built facade to mimick real bricks, the realistic sliding windows add another touch of reality – my favourite detail for sure. What’s yours?